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Last updated: 16/9/2019


By: Maddie

The Fountain of Shadows
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Fountain CoverThe age of human wizardry is drawing to an end. The wizards are now almost universally despised for the part they had played in ancient wars and politics. The life of one wizard, Syle, is in a quiet valley where he now resides with his feline companion, Greysquire. Here Syle has retreated and retired in order that he might write down his knowledge and adventures. But Syle yearns for the times when he was involved with the great affairs of Dwarves and Men and finds it hard to settle to his tasks. Now the valley's peace is shattered as a horde of beasts traverse it destroying the nearby village of Broadoak and slaughtering all but Tallon a half-elven girl, daughter of Syle's inn keeper friends. There had been peace in the world for many decades, but now Syle is compelled to determine the hordes purpose. The army is led by a race thought to have been destroyed long ago and, more worryingly, they seem to seek specific knowledge relating to journals kept by the halfling race known as the Harfoot. Following the clues Syle and Greysquire set off to discover the hordes destination and fell purpose. Joined by a small group of adventurers they meet along the way, Syle and his party must determine the key to dissipating the power which has mobilised the evil horde
army. They follow a hazardous, less well travelled route to avoid detection. As the power grows so a darkness not seen for hundreds of years begins to blot out the sky. Under this darkness the hordes and minions increase in strength. Battling the ancient horrors in long dead cities, in wilderness and underground each of the travellers has his or her part to play.

This is the first part of 'The Chronicles of Syle'

                           (Paperback cover kindly created and provided by Shirley Bull)

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