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By: Maddie

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Project ‘CT-CR’, ‘CT=UKMS’

Dark Comedy Drama - Cinematic Release Screenplay

Dark Comedy Drama - UK TV mini-series feature length screenplay

Dark Comedy Drama - UK TV mini-series sixty minute episodes screenplays

Project ‘I:CG’

Project ‘UK-SC’

Situation Comedy - UK TV mini-series pilot screenplay

Situation Comedy - UK TV mini-series thirty minute episodes screenplays


‘Dramamedy - UK TV mini-series pilot screenplay

Call Her Kelly

Three Act Stage Play - Two-hander, simple staging.

Easter eggs? What Easter eggs?

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Project ‘CT’ - The Novel!

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“By contrast, Marty's written work was meticulous; he knew how to use a semicolon and wasn't afraid to show it. In fact he could squeeze in a semicolon where none was warranted; to him punctuation was a precious thing which needed to be protected from the ravages of time and texting, and his ire rose every time he saw a grocer's apostrophe: "Try Our Fresh Sandwich's", or "Banana's - 100% Organic!". The overuse of exclamation marks annoyed him too, but misuse of apostrophes was his particular pet hate, and one which had compelled him to write to advertisers and other organisations, including the BBC, pointing out their error. Imagine his delight when Toy 'R' Us went bust.”

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“His head was shaved in the custom of the eastern races, and he wore a large black moustache which hid his mouth, and part of his chin. Garren studied his face carefully, his eyes were those of a cold, soulless professional killer. He wore a leather, padded, armless jerkin, presumably to keep his arms free, but they were almost completely covered in tattoos depicting beasts and lithe women in the traditional manner of the eastern lands. He removed his leather jerkin, dropping it to the ground as he strode towards Garren. Sensing the test was at hand, Garren removed his own jacket and drew a stiletto from his belt.
 'You will need more than that toothpick,' the man said. Garren smiled and declined the advice.
As they approached each other Garren saw the man's eyes shift, almost imperceptibly, and in the next instant he lunged towards Garren's stomach, but Garren had already begun to move, and lithely side-stepped the attack, bringing his own knife to within a whisker of the man's throat, whilst taking his dagger hand in an arm lock and immobilising him from further attack. The man froze.
  'I'm impressed, you have the skills of an assassin. Where did you learn this?'
Garren was surprised at the ease with which he had defeated his opponent and immediately regretted showing the extent of his own skill.”