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Last updated: 23/07/2021

By: Maddie

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I am in the process of collating these and many more musings, sketches, observations, prose and memories into a book or two. I have plenty of internal motivation, but saying it into the ether like this provides a bit more.


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So Can I
OCD Club
My FitBit
Weird Kid
Mike Cox is Funny
Inner Voice
Arty Malarky1

‘So Can I’ is a poem inspired by Mike’s second of his three Mindfulness getaways (all at the Sharpham Trust). Coming fully formed as he was wandering back to meet the rest of the group. Want to hear Mike say the word phenomenal a lot? Check this link out to the poem and said video (he’s cringing at the prospect).


‘OCD Club’ is one of numerous, self-effacing, snippets chucked into the ether via social media by Mike. It is, on the surface, gentle humour about an affliction he suffered from in his early years (still making the odd guest appearance). Scratch a little deeper and its bitter sweet, and even a little raw.

‘My FitBit’ was written in response to Mike’s family, quite rightly, ribbing him for swinging his arm about when watching the telly one evening. In an unashamedly borrowed from Dr Seuss style it is one of Mike’s ever growing observational poems. 

‘Weird Kid’ was one of Mike’s first forays into getting work out there, through Facebook. It was well received and even made his sister angry commenting “who said that?” at one stage. He liked the reaction. In fact, he has used social media for a time now to get stuff out there to test things.  

‘Mike Cox is funny’ but never self-aggrandising. He has a comedy name. He has embraced it. Mike Cox will pop out anywhere to get a laugh. “These aren’t really working titles for chapters but hey…never say never”. One of Mike’s mantras for life he insists.   

‘Inner Voice’ is another piece that came pretty much fully formed, this time, in the middle of the night. Mike is convinced that he does his best work when he is actively thinking about something else. Sounds like an excuse to us! Mike feels this one has reflections of how Maddie and he work together. Rapid fire riffing. Quickly building a scene..

‘Arty Malarkey’ is a glimpse of doodles and silly projects that have littered the years. “I’ve picked up and put down the pens and pencils many a time over the years…”, “I even did a correspondence course tutored by a professional cartoonist in my twenties

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