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Last updated: 23/07/2021

By: Maddie

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Mike Imdb2With a demanding day job, but an ever increasing inner yearning to share with the world, Mike is a creative soul residing in a slightly lumpy organisational change professional’s body. Grateful for the opportunities this has brought - a lifelong healthy appetite for learning which shows no sign of abating, coupled with life experiences aplenty and, frankly, a disturbingly over active imagination. He’s got stories to tell.  

Collaborating with Maddie has opened the flood gates for Mike and they are hard at it writing screenplays across a number of genres and formats. This has led to a re-awakening for Mike in other, oft forgotten areas, including drawing, poetry and, well, just writing!

Working and riffing with Maddie brings me a joy that writing used to bring me when I was a kid, before I bound myself in society norms. This has rubbed off in my personal projects”.

Those personal projects in the pipeline include: an illustrated book of musings and poetry, and a full on autobiography.

I may yet merge them, but at the moment they are standalone pieces…

he goes on

…I have had mental health issues in the past; getting pretty damn near the bottom. That feels a million miles away now, but the one thing I have never lost, oddly, is humour… dark humour”.

The latter comes through in much of Mike’s work, but, being a “…typically complex human being…

as he puts it, he

…likes to experiment…” in different styles.

A few examples can be found in Mike’s Tasters.

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