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Last updated: 03/6/2021


By: Maddie

(Yeah, she does this stuff too. Blimey. Is she multi-talented or what?)

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We have treatments and full scripts, screenplays or stage plays for all of these...

    Cafe Twilight (6x50 Drama with Dark Comic Edge and / or 130 minute cinematic feature)

      "Cafe Twilight's world weary owner, Milio and his steadfast band of guardian angels, helping the condemned citizens of Execucity avoid judicial extermination at the hands of the Office of Executions, legally compelled to ensure people die in a cost effective, timely manner."


    INCURSION: Code Gray (6x50 Action Drama)

      "A cross shaped scar inflicted in childhood by a mysterious, playful entity saves a former Marine from Death Row, but now he and the entity have grown up it marks him out to be humanity's reluctant saviour."

    Call Her Kelly (Drama)

      "After years estranged, Kelly comes to look after gravely ill older brother Ed. But alone and with no hope, Ed only wants his younger brother Keith to show up. Ed has nothing but contempt for Kelly, the sister he's never really known, who he blames for Keith's disappearance."

    Veneers (6x30 Dramedy)

      "A middle-aged man sliding aimlessly to his own demise, meets an old crush who awakens his passion in creative pursuits. Can he draw himself out of his own dark thoughts?"

We have treatments for these ‘works in progress’...

    Mark In Time (Working Title) (120min Cinematic Feature)

      "Rediscovering his father's strange camera, the guilt ridden, grown up leader of a schoolyard gang now needs his estranged former school friends to help him save more than one life lost."


    Double-Blind (6x50 Cop Thriller)

      "Always in my mind"


    Virgo One (6x50 Sci-Fi Thriller)

      “In the warehouse space no one can hear you scream.”

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