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Last updated: 23/07/2021


By: Maddie

Call Her Kelly
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What did you do during the pandemic Maddie...?
2019 - 2020 and the world is gripped by a pandemic Covid-19.

    “I’m being forcibly made to stay home. Okay, so that just means more time to write. Very safe, few interruptions, food delivered to my door. Perfect. No complaints here.”
                    ~ Maddie 2019

In some ways it’s back to her roots; a stage play, but befitting the social restrictions imposed in the UK by the pandemic it’s a two-hander and a simple set. Perfect for a limited production.

    After years estranged, Kelly comes to look after gravely ill older brother Ed. But alone and with no hope, Ed only wants his younger brother Keith to show up. Ed has nothing but contempt for Kelly, the sister he's never really known, who he blames for Keith's disappearance.”

This was a labour of love for Maddie with two characters both in part firmly rooted in her own story, but with entertaining and intriguing twists which keeps the audience guessing right up to the very end. If you aren’t touched be either Ed or Kellys’ stories and life challenges you must have a granite heart. This really is a life and death tale of choices and consequences.

‘Call Her Kelly’ is a three act stage play for two actors and a simple staging. Approximately 90 mins.


Formats available now: UK format and US format

In development: Radio play, Cinematic screenplay and printed ‘book’.