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Last updated: 16/9/2019


By: Maddie

Addressed to Kill
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Addressed CoverSam Spade meets the off-the wall computer boffin. A crime fiction story following amateur Private Detective Benny Vaults as he tracks down the stolen computerised persona of stock market analyst Dougal Defoe who has been ‘kidnapped’ via his computer. The Police don't want to know because the real Mr. Dougal Defoe had already died from natural causes several weeks earlier. If the police couldn't help who could?

Computer boffins call it artificial intelligence; Millie Defoe called it 'Dad'. When stock market analyst Dougal Defoe is ‘kidnapped’ via his computer the Police didn't want to know because the real Dougal Defoe had already died from natural causes some weeks earlier. If the police couldn't help who could? Enter one off-the-wall computer genius Benny Vaults and his long suffering business partner Gerry Mettle; add the beautiful Millie Defoe, still grieving for her father and finally add Peavis Van Beamon, a sadistic commercial megalomaniac and stealer of Millie's dad's alter ego computer personality. Benny's latest delusion is being a private detective and, despite Gerry's initial reluctance, he is convinced by Benny to take on their first case. Millie's father was a stock market consultant with an interest in computerised 'expert systems'; the distillation of knowledge from human experts into a computerised form, but Doug Defoe had added an extra dimension to his computerised alter ego, 'Chaos theory'.

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